Tuesday, December 9, 2008

reasons to be cheerful #459

From the Columbia Journalism Review: Four dailies that have produced inspiring international coverage in the past — The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Boston Globe, Newsday, and the Baltimore Sun — closed their remaining overseas bureaus. In TV, as veteran correspondent Tom Fenton has observed, a quarter century ago CBS News had twenty-four foreign bureaus and stringers in forty-four countries; today, there are six bureaus, none of them in Africa or Latin America. Time Inc., owner of the largest circulation newsweekly magazine, Time, eliminated 650 jobs in early 2006, including those of Don Barlett and Jim Steele, two of the nation’s preeminent investigative journalists, in May. The following week, it was reported that Time Inc. had just paid $4 million for exclusive photographs of Shiloh, the newborn baby of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. — Future of Journalism - Achenblog

The Idiocracy will be televised. Go ahead, scream.



Hillbilly said...
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John M. said...

Yeah, but still. I think we need journalists, if not newspapers. They are a vital part of a democracy.

How many journalist's salaries could have been covered by those ridiculous photos?

That's what really gets me. I don't give a toss for Brangelina's baby.

Radmila said...

Heads filled with cotton candy.


John M. said...

Too many syllables in "priorities".

Sex, food, drink and a really big word: money.