Monday, September 8, 2008

stray bullets

Scientists receive death threats over 'end-of-world' experiment The scientists behind the world's biggest ever scientific experiment have received death threats from critics who claim it could cause the end of the world. What? "If you destroy the world, I'll kill you." seems like a pointless threat.

Researchers Use Facebook App to Create Zombie Army Computer researchers built a tool that demonstrates how hackers could silently turn Facebook users into a powerful zombie army that can attack other websites or scout for vulnerable sites on the net. Some might maintain that Facebook already has a powerful zombie army.

Brazil oil boom 'to end poverty'
Hand Weapons of Trench Raiders, WWI
How To Spot A Heart Attack Soon After It Occurs
Murder map of London, 1888 (via)

Top 10 Amazing Physics Videos
『Gypsy Rhythm Machine Crazy Beatbox(動画)』
Zen Wind - Yoga and the Art of Farting (via)

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