Tuesday, September 23, 2008

and show your work...

For well over a month I have been trying to find a source or explanation for this photo. Here is the best so far:

Tacky Raccoons:

I can’t make anything out of this, except for two typos in the 14th line in the top board about a foot from the right. Otherwise the proof is correct. Here is the problem:

if”n”is a whole number that is more than 3.
The value of”x,y,z”in the equation
“x^n+y^n=z^n”will not be a whole number.
write an equation to prove it.

The man is/was a mathematician of Czech Republic, Pilsen, Westbohemian University, Department of Mathematics, RNDr. Jiří Čížek, CSc.

(their source wasn't much help)

Thanks to Uncertain Timer airport_whiskey, we have a source:

"Mathalysis" / "Matalýza" (c) 1998 Milan Kollinger

and this:


Thanks again, M. Whiskey!


Bunk Strutts said...

I'll set my ferrets loose and try to come up with more info.

John M. said...


I looked about quite a bit. Used tineye.com. Nothing telling.

I first saw it on Design You Trust a while back. I commented asking for a source and got no reply.

That's all I got, save for the above article.


Anonymous said...

I've had this as my desktop image since you sent it to me.

It pleases me to have a little man peeking out from behind my work, perpetually on the verge of saying "Fuck it"

Tineye looks like a nice resource btw.

John M. said...

It's the work gnome.

One thing I would like with Tineye is a "sort by date" feature so one can go back to the source, or close to it. When they get more images in their database, it will become more difficult than it already is to plow through.

airport_whiskey said...

Found it, I think...