Friday, September 12, 2008

Portraits of a divided self

Patricia is Kim’s dominant personality, her main "alter", who cares for her daughter. She paints mainly calm landscapes. She accepts and understands she has DID, but has no memory of trauma.


There are 14 names alongside paintings at an exhibition opening this week at the Novas Gallery in central London, but the collection is in fact the work of one woman. The woman in question, Kim Noble, has dissociative identity disorder (DID), formerly known as multiple personality disorder. Her exhibition, All of Me, features 30 artworks by each of Noble's 14 personalities, or "alters" as she prefers to call them.

Gallery: Artist Kim Noble's multiple perspectives


The Nag said...

When I was a social worker I had a client with MPD as it was known. Life presented her with many challenges. I learned a lot from her and, believe it or not, we had a lot of laughs. Thanks for reminding me of her.

Anonymous said...

Just brilliant
This is just amazing. What beautiful pictures and a moving article

Thank you for bringing this artist to my attention

John M. said...

Hello Ms. Nag and anonymous!

You are both most welcome.

I was quite astonished by this story. I thought all 14 of them showed talent.

If anyone were to say that it was just one talent, I'd still be amazed at how she pulled off all those different styles. Convincing.

John M. said...

btw, anon.

If you're Beth, who commented on Wikio, thanks!

Beth said...

Hi John Yes I am Beth, I didn't realise I could leave my name I thought it was just your URL. Sorry
Beth (and I commented on both one under Beth the other Anon)

John M. said...

Hi Beth, that's quite alright.

I just stumbled upon your comment on Wikio and wondered if it was the same.

Feel free to stop by and comment any way that suits you!