Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Funki Porcini - The Big Sea

Funki Porcini:

Funki Porcini's music is the fruit of a well-travelled life.

Porcini left England at 19 to escape from a squat in Kings Cross being savaged by violent Scots stranded in London after a football game.

Arriving in Los Angeles with three hundred dollars that disappeared in a week on cocktails and hamburgers he was forced into menial labour, stacking shelves in a Westwood department store before earning enough money to hitch-hike to San Francisco. Here he bought a saxophone and moved into the Residents old apartment where Snakefinger was still living. San Fran was alive with a post punk arty fart scene of radical experimentation and Porcini started his weird shit days of music. Although there were some true luminaries on the scene such as Mark Pauline and his Survival Research Laboratories, Monte Cazzaza, Factrix and a host of underground bands, nothing of what Porcini did in this period was, or ever shall be released, owing to the fact that on the whole it was ghastly to listen to.

Leaving San Francisco for New York with new found Australian friends SPK he eventually came back to England and hated it. After a brief trial of Berlin he settled in Italy and remained there for 10 years making music for film and television before getting back to music for music's sake.

from the Fast Asleep DVD

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