Friday, September 5, 2008

Bizarre Lunch Dates in History

Paul Gauguin, Alfons Mucha, Luděk Marold, Annah la Javanaise, Paris, 1896.

Details unknown. Well, to me anyway. I couldn't find anything on this photo.

via vintagephoto


Anonymous said...



John M. said...

I looked and I looked, but I could not find out where this photo came from.

Far Away said...

madhatter's teaparty perhaps?
Annah isplaying the actress/model/muse whatever and wears a wedding ring too...
Interesting chap Gauguin..

John M. said...

Hello there, far away! Thanks for stopping by.

Perhaps indeed.

Good eye, too. Didn't notice the ring.

Mucha looks like he had a visit with the caterpillar beforehand!