Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Google Image Ripper

Google Image Ripper

Instant inspiration. No more thumbnails, straight to the good stuff

This has been around for a while, but in case you haven't found it yet... it's an excellent tool for a blogger, or anyone looking for an image - be it specific, a particular type, or anything in general.

thanks to Great Map for the reminder


airport_whiskey said...

The greasemonkey plug-in is awesome.

John M. said...

Wow. cool. That's good to know.

I saw that, but I'm not really savvy with Greasemonkey.

I have a feeling I might be, soon.

peacay said...

Well, if simply installing a script rises to the level of 'savviness' then I'm approaching genius! I used to have the imagerelinker script for gooImages but I think they stopped updating a couple of versions of ffox ago. Hmm... I do get a bit antsy though - I have more than a few scripts on board and the more there are the harder it is to work out the culprit when things go awry. Good to know it's back or revamped anyway.

John M. said...

In this case, savviness would be knowing what the hell you are talking about, which only confirms my lack of knowledge.

peacay said...

Well, savviness in this case actually means clicking a button. The script(s) install(s) automagically.

I was just talking about an older script which does the same thing as google image ripper and it was called google imagerelinker I think. Truly, there's nowt here that having a bash (installing) won't remedy. Just look up greasemonkey scripts or firefox plugins : there's tons and tons and tons of them and they all come with explanations. One then just clicks and presto! So don't be thinking this is in any way hard or requires 2 brain cells. It isn't and doesn't. But I understand trepidation in the face of unfamiliarity. This is one of those parts of life where the learning hump is actually flat ground.

John M. said...

I can and do appreciate what you're saying.

What I'm saying is, I don't even know what these scripts are, what they do and what good they would do me. That, my friend, is the nature and depth of my ignorance.

I never usually have problems with these sort of things. After all, I pretty much figured out "basic blogger's HTML" on my own.

I just have to determine what they are and how useful they might be. The rest is usually just following instructions.

peacay said...

Oh yeah, it's like doing a degree there's so much out there! Sometimes it's worth spending an hour or whatever looking around. Like this for instance. (this might drive you insane).

I just looked. I don't have many greasemonkey scripts (they are the ones that usually change the appearance of webpages by inserting javascript). Mostly mine are for metafilter: they tell me how many comments someone has made and hightlights the poster and the mods......that sort of thing.

But I've got a whole bunch of firefox addons eg. British dictionary speller; colourful tabs (what it says); firebug, a webdev thing I use to i.d. an images true location (obviously useful for my pasttime!); flashblock (could not stand the web without that now); foxmarks bookmarks synchroniser to My bookmarks are accessible on any machine; gtranslate so I can do quick translations in the right click menu; pdf downloader to let me see how big the file is before it autodownloads; resurrect pages: gives a menu to find dead links through archive.org and googlecache and coral etc; ubiquity is fairly new and is a semantic web addon allowing you to type instructions to your pc - haven't worked out if/how good it is.

Everything is modifiable, except the outside world *sigh*.

John M. said...

Funny enough, now I'm seeing greasemonkey everywhere I look.

Maybe I'm just noticing it because of this discussion.

Thanks for all that. Now I have more time tunnels to roam!