Tuesday, March 3, 2009

北京土著 - Beijing Natives (Chinese rap video)


Full translation:

Slice me a piece of watermelon, about four or five liang
Only the truly thin-skin watermelon comes with this crisp and grainy texture
When the scent of jasmine wafts in the tea room of the siheyuan
One forgets all the heat of the summer
Pour a glass of fine wine as your thoughts wander afar
The senses are drunk with the fragrance of the wine steeped within the hutong alleys
As the sun sets at the corner of the old city wall that echoes with the beat of the toy rattle-drum
This native Beijinger feels a little sad
Squatting alone at the corner of the wall, receiving not even a passing glance
With eyes unseeing and confusion in my heart
Why do I feel so weary today?
Feels like I lost my soul while writing my lyrics
A wonton stall by the roadside in the early morning
A farmer rides a three-wheeled handcart as he pulls his load of bricks to work
A bowl of jellied beancurd costs a dollar
The music of a Pekingese big drum storyteller rings in the air
Drink a bowl of sour soy juice with a fried ring of dough
Dregs of oil scented with malt heave in porcelain jars with floral design
A hawker at the entrance of a hutong alley is stringing candied haws,
There's a photo of Ma Sanli displayed at the teahouse nearby
The vats are deeper than the basins, the basins are deeper than the bowls, the bowls are deeper than the plates
Waiting for your consideration
After being left there for so many years, they're still so funny…
pay attention
Native Beijingers, pay attention
Squat when you're tired of standing, sit when you're tired from squatting
Lie down when you're tired of sitting, lie prone when you're tired from lying down
Sleep when you're tired of lying prone, nap when you're unable to sleep
Keeping a myna brings special prestige
Be kind and generous and courteous too
Greet others kindly and never, ever be late
Keeping score only means making trouble for yourself
Better to smile and the world turns, infinitely beautiful
There's an old man in the park, hand in hand with his old wife
About eighty years old and he still looks so suave
Sucking on a popsicle and wearing a vest
Bloodlines run pure at the home of Peking Man
At the side of the Right-Right-Right-Right Gate of Peace
There's a shop selling Dog-Dog-Dog-Dog Wouldn’t-Notice buns
Buy half a jin of sliced-sliced-sliced-sliced glutinous cake
Spend a day free from worries at the Heavenly Bridge, just like an immortal

Seems like a decent enough message... but now I'm kinda hungry. (Though, I think I'll skip the Dog-Dog-Dog-Dog.)

thanks, Ledge!

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