Sunday, January 25, 2009

Terry Gilliam on the making of Brazil


In this excellent interview, Gilliam discusses a variety of issues surrounding the production of his film Brazil - from his creative process to communication, bureaucracy, science fiction, his battles with Universal, poo-poo, and much more. They cram a lot into 13 minutes.

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Alan Evil said...

My second all time favorite movie. When I first saw it at Tulane it had the original ending which was brutal. The regular release that just ends with him escaping into the sunset is perverse. Like 1984 this movie never ceases to feel as if it is about right now.

John M. said...

The American release of this film was a travesty. I can't watch it.

I was fortunate to see it in the theater in London - about ten times.

It feels like it's about right now more than it did then.