Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Patrick McGoohan (1928-2009)

Be seeing you...

Patrick McGoohan, creator and star of the cult classic The Prisoner, has died aged 80

R.I.P. Patrick McGoohan, The Prisoner's TV Visionary

Remembering 'The Prisoner' creator/star Patrick McGoohan

Patrick McGoohan, RIP

images via AMC

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Alan Evil said...

Sad news. I always wanted to smoke opium with him.

John M. said...

Sounds like fun.

Bunk Strutts said...

Oh, man, The Prisoner was great! So tranquil and creepy. McGoohan was a classic.

John M. said...

Now they have me wanting to track down Danger Man. Never saw that series. Supposedly, there's some tie-in with The Prisoner, real or imagined.