Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This is all I am going to say about the financial crisis

Something a lot of people on all sides can agree upon.

Breaking news: Adding Sweeteners, Senate Passes Bailout Plan

Just so you know, it has always been my policy to avoid hot-button political and social issues. There is enough of that material out there. Occasionally, an irresistible item will pop up, but I'd like this weblog to be an oasis, a break from the troubles foisted upon us by the agenda-driven media and a blogosphere plagued with partisan outbursts, slurs, attacks and bickering.

I have opinions and convictions and I keep an eye on things, but to be honest, I'm so burned out on it all. Therefore, this is my recourse. A productive and edifying one that I hope many of all persuasions and backgrounds can enjoy. I know these issues are important and vital, but I hope you all can pick up the slack for me while I just do my thing.

The world has never been short on emergency.

Thanks, Dad


The Nag said...

This picture says it all.

John M. said...

Excellent! Now I can move on.

Have a lovely day, over there.

alansmithee said...

American emergencies are Japanese and in this world issues, I think, many peoplo believe that!
Is that true?
Some economist said a warning to Japanese, we have no time, we aren't able to think about America.
Our country has already marked bad economic before subprime crisis.
We have to do something our own but nobody have many ideas, still follow America.
Really few against we saw but totally different from America.

For me, just uncomfortable my feeling...
Just keep watching to things.
I'm not so tired than you, maybe I'm not so having passion about it.
So now, I can do that thing is sending kiss and hug to your exhausted mind if you still burned out :)

peace John!

John M. said...

They say that when America sneezes, the rest of the world gets the flu.

That is changing, of course. It's a global economy.

The only thing I'm burnt out on is politics... and maybe bagels.

The rest is fair game and I'm shitfire stoked about it!

Thanks for your kind words, alansmithee. Everything is going to be alright.

crow said...

I have to agree with the holder of the sign that puts it so succinctly:

Alan Evil said...

Wall Street has become nothing but a bunch of rich weasels shifting other people's money around. It does nothing good for the vast majority of Americans, reaping much of its profits from usurious and arbitrarily changeable interest rates, fees, and penalties levied against the poorest amongst us. Fuck 'em.

John M. said...

Thanks for weighing in, guys, you have proven my point about wide disapproval.

You know, it's not necessarily the idea of some sort of government action that gets me, they have to do something at this point; it's the greed and incompetence on the part of the investment banks.

Now, it feels like they're raiding the coffers before the next election.

I'm wondering what sort of October surprise we're in for now?