Friday, October 31, 2008

Magic Pumpkin

(video link)

Don't forget to wear your mask!



Jorn said...

i don't get it

John M. said...

If you were wearing your mask, you would. Then, you'd really get it.

Hi, Jorn,

It's a clip from Halloweed 3: Season of the Witch-- a really bad, but a much better sort of bad horror movie from the 1980s. It is completely off-canon from the other Halloween movies and it's kinda weird.

Guy said...

That song was stuck in my head for weeks after seeing that movie. Too bad the flick got a bum rap for being inappropriately stuck in the Halloween series.

John M. said...

It is an infectious tune.

I was always baffled by this movie. I shouldn't have even been included in the Halloween series. It seems sort of tacked on.