Monday, October 13, 2008

stray bullets

Lawrence Lessig - In Defense of Piracy Digital technology has made it easy to create new works from existing art, but copyright law has yet to catch up.... Copyright law must be changed. Here are just five changes that would make a world of difference... (via)

3-D Printing on Demand is beta testing a new service allowing people to print three dimensional models. Customers can upload designs or use a creation tool hosted at the Shapeways website then order a printed model of their designs for less than $3 per square centimeter. The printed items are shipped to the customer in ten days or less, bringing 3-D printing to consumers and not just companies large enough to afford their own printers. It will be very interesting to see what happens when affordable 3-D printing becomes commonplace. (via)

Extreme IT: Hurricanes, high winds and heavy seas in the Gulf of Mexico
Dalkey Archive Press Author Interviews (via)
Mia_Farrow's photostream (via)

Banjo used in brain surgery (don't miss it) Bluegrass musician Eddie Adcock underwent brain surgery to treat a career-threatening hand tremor. He played his banjo throughout to help doctors determine the success of the procedure. The squeamish can make it through in good shape. (via)
Expedition 18 / Soyuz Rocket Launch - October 12th, 2008
National Geographic Music
Hunter, Ralph and 3 bottles of whiskey
Reductive Waves, a meditation on the visualization of sound, via contrasting natural and human-crafted environments.

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