Sunday, October 12, 2008

stray bullets

Mayfair, and the Deaths of Harry Nilsson, Mama Cass and Keith Moon
How to Embalm a Body (via)
Middle Eastern Contemporary Artists Booming
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Systems (via)
The Felt Toothbrush
Recommended piano books
Iain Banks talks to Writing Magazine

This American Life - Judgement to the Wife (funny)
Zumba Cinco - Moça do Biquini Azul
São Paulo in 1943
Aldous Huxley's Deathbed (as related by his wife) (via)


maudkristina said...

thanks for the link to another nickel - excellent blog. the embalming page too, I've always wondered how it's done.

hope you are having a good weekend :)

John M. said...

Hi Maud, thanks. These articles are carefully selected for your enjoyment and edification, sans hype, fear-mongering or cynicism... (for the most part on the cynicism)

The weekend was interesting. Although the media and the net bombarded me with fear and anxiety, I found some peace. The living people around me helped.

I trust that your weekend was a good one? Getting some time away from the lions?

maudkristina said...

Here's to peace and having living people about oneself. !!!

I had some time away and then some time with the lions. Mercury keeps things interesting, to say the least, but that's kind of his speciality, so I'm keeping an open mind :)

John M. said...

Greetings dear Maud,

I vacillate between wanting to be alone and wanting to be around people. Luckily my life gives me a fair dose of both.

Things have been a bit mercurial. Here's to endurance and open minds!

Happy Hunter's Full moon!

maudkristina said...

Yes, indeed! And thank you :)

Guess what - dad came home with an elk apparently, so the hunter's moon-times must have been apt for those of that inclination.

I am a pescaterian.

John M. said...

I wonder how Anne feels about that...

In the past, I have been a no-red-meat, pescaterian-ish omnivore sometimes inhabiting the world of full vegetarian, but never quite vegan. Hard times have forced me to be a breath- and waterian here and there in the past! ;)

I will almost always eat wild meat when offered. It is an interesting experience. I've turned down graveyard 'possum pie before, though. (I'll tell you that story some day!)

Nowadays I am a moderate meat eater favoring fish and seafood (sushi...), and I love vegetarian food.

Living in the South, however, you can miss out on some wonderful food buzzes if you pass on the bar-b-q, the crawfish boil or the home-cooked Southern meal, so I indulge now and again.