Sunday, October 5, 2008

how to look at a rebus

A page from Francesco Colonna, Hypnerotomachia poliphili. 1499.

How to Use Your Eyes (Useful for anyone who uses their eyes. A .pdf would probably work better than the print version. Leafing back and forth from image to description can take you out of the story and make for rough navigation. Regardless, if you can make it through this guided course, you will be considerably more skilled with your eyes.)


Pineal Gland, the Internal Eye Twenty years later when I found myself in the corridors of the same university, an anatomy professor revealed a mysterious fact that my father had failed to mention during our discussions. He talked of a secret sheltered in a network of cells so small and hidden, yet still able to control vital metabolic processes. It was a hidden eye.

Seeing With the Mind's Eye (images from Seeing With the Mind's Eye: The History, Techniques and Uses of Visualization)


maudkristina said...

THANK YOU FOR THESE. Seriously, they are JUST what I needed just now. THANK YOU.

John M. said...

I had a strong feeling that someone out there needed this.

Yr. Hmbl Srvnt.