Friday, October 3, 2008

Gustave Eiffel in his work room

Schtok blog:

Original caption:
Gustave Eiffel is shown in his work room, experimenting with aerodynamic balance to find the exact pressure of the tower against the four caissons which support the four huge piers. Interest in the Eiffel Tower, called one of the seven wonders of the modern age, has been revived because of France’s plans to honor the great designer and builder of the forerunner to the skyscraper. The huge tower, 984.25 feet high, and completed in 1889, is still the tallest structure built by man. On April 29, the City of Paris will unveil a monument and bust of Eiffel by the famous sculptors, Auguste Perret and Andre Granet, erected at the base of the Tower. Eiffel is known as a great visionary and was forced to battle against architects and others of the time, who said the wind would destroy his tower, as that of Babel was destroyed. Since its completion in 1889, 13,153,921 pers

Other than this, I haven't been able to find a source for this image.


The Nag said...

One of the things I love about Paris is that there has been a strong and effective resistance to the construction of tall buildings in the city and the Eiffel Tower still dominates the landscape.

John M. said...

Welcome back!

They have a height ceiling here in Savannah... but no tower to speak of... except for Drayton Towers, which is an eyesore, but they can't tear it down because the coke-bottle glass in the windows is considered to be an historic feature.

Schtock said...

Image source: © Underwood & Underwood / CORBIS / Bettmann Archive

John M. said...

Well, thanks for that schtock.

Although it is nice to know who holds the copyright, I'm always more interested in provenance in relation to who the photographer was and what the circumstances were at the time of the shot. I know in the case of a photo like this, these things are murky at best, but that's what I'm usually looking for when I dig for a source.

Just so you know, I wasn't trying to indict you for not posting a copyright notice.

I am grateful for the chance to see this photo, thanks again.