Monday, March 24, 2008

Sunday Excursions: Monday Morning Edition

It's not really Monday until the sun comes up...

Disgruntled? Maybe you should move to place where the grass is green and the girls are gruntled.'s National Gruntledness Index might be of help. Click on the states and cities to see ratings for various career fields.

It looks like Savannah workers are fairly gruntled. They nailed the low rating for the restaurant field, which is painfully obvious if you're familiar with the food culture here.

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Are you an infovore? Chances are, if you're reading this, you are.

Some hard science on Why We're Powerless to Resist Grazing on Endless Web Data.

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When I tire of prowling the internet for primal opioid satisfaction, I like to curl up with some brain-warping specualtion about life, the universe and seven-dimensional branes.

A good source of this can found by Imagining the Tenth Dimension. Rob Bryanton guides us through the realms of time and space and those elusive extra-dimensional realities. Rob is a really cool guy and he's really into this stuff. His enthusiasm is contagious.

Things For Sale That I Will Mail To You

Normally, I might find this kind of thing to be a bit hokey, but I found this site oddly touching.

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And last, but not least, UT friendly Alan Evil posted an excellent linkdump of his morning coffee funnies. I'm glad to see that the internet has helped to keep this medium alive and relevant. We might be able to do without newspapers, but what would we do without the comics?

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Rob Bryanton said...

Thanks for your kind words about Imagining the Tenth Dimension, John. It's been fascinating watching people's reactions to this. Some people call it mind-blowing, while some people don't get what I'm trying to do: there are a number of different schools of thought creatively blended together in this project. If you type tenth dimension faq into google you'll find a blog entry linking to the many tangents I'm exploring.
I have posted a link to your entry in my Interesting Links section at the tenth dimension blog.

Rob Bryanton

John M. said...

Hi Rob,

Thanks for stopping by.

We always look forward to more Imagining the Tenth Dimension.