Friday, July 18, 2008

spoon guitar

I'm not certain where this came from, but the gentleman playing the guitar is named Hannes Coetzee from Herbertsdale, Karoo, South Africa and it is likely that this clip is from a documentary titled Karoo Kitaar Blues by one David Kramer.

From the documentary web page:

In 2001 South African guitarist/songwriter David Kramer presented a show called Karoo Kitaar Blues that made South Africa sit up and take notice. It was a concert presenting the eccentric guitar styles of the Karoo the unique finger-picking and tunings of a marginalised people who live in remote villages and outposts of the of the semi-desert areas of South Africa.

For the first time audiences were treated to the sounds of the folk music of the’ karretjie’ people of the Karoo - the last generation of nomadic sheep shearers, ‘draadtrekkers’ (fence makers) and aloe tappers - ‘who eke out a living in the harsh and unforgiving outback of the Northern Cape and whose music has grown out of a need to find a distraction from the loneliness and hardship of their lives.’ They are descendents of the Khoisan the original indigenous inhabitants of Southern Africa who were virtually all exterminated at the end of the 19th century.

The guitarists and singers that David invited to perform are all self taught musicians. Each guitarist began by making himself an instrument fashioned from an empty oil can, hand carved wood and gut and then learnt to play by listening to other musicians and experimentation. In the karoo there is no formalised instruction, no written chords or sheet music. These platteland musicians learn through osmosis bywatching, listening and then working out their own tuning and chord patterns. This isn’t just the case between musicians from area to area, but between members of the same family.

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