Thursday, July 17, 2008

Matthias Loibner: tiny hurdy gurdy concert

Last ten minutes of hurdy-gurdy player Matthias Loibner playing a tiny concert in St. Chartier (France) 2003.

Do not pass this one up. This dude plays the meanest hurdy gurdy I've ever heard.

Matthias Loibner:

I am not a musician,
I am an observer of human moods and sentiments.
Since I do not trust words
and can not paint
I use my music in order to tell my observations.

Rather articulate about it, if you ask me.

thanks, j0yr1de


Anonymous said...

This was a response to your DuOud post because of the traditional-instruments-with-added-electronic-wizardry thing they share.

I saw an Adrian Belew show where it was just him and one of those modules with foot pedal like Loibner is using.

Whatever it's called, like this wonderful performance:

John M. said...

I figured as much, but this video was so amazing, I couldn't resist posting it.