Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Spring!

I hope you all have been enjoying some lovely springtime weather. (Those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, of course.) I certainly have.

Due to a mild case of spring fever, a more pronounced case of internet burnout and a few pressing exigencies, Uncertain Times will be on Spring Break until May the 4th, 2009.

I might drop a few items over by the Tumblr in the meantime, so keep an eye out. (If you haven't been by to check out UTv.ii, now might be a good time to scan the archives - there's some good stuff buried in there.) Otherwise, I'll see you in a few weeks!

By the way, for those of you interested, Mr. Donald Roller Wilson dropped a comment on the Donald Roller Wilson knock-offs post from a few months back.


Anonymous said...

There has been certain fellows, certain history. whos lookin for a heaven, lovers and parents

John M. said...

Right on!