Friday, February 6, 2009

Joachim Knill

quagmire (Polaroid 20x30)

Joachim Knill designed and built the world's largest portable instant film camera. His 20x30 Polaroids of "surreal installations" have a colorful, painterly quality to them that runs somewhat counter to what you would expect from this particular medium. His panoramas are decidedly more photographic, but no less interesting.

Although I enjoyed his work, it was the camera that hooked me.

Joachim and his camera

via everlasting blört


Anonymous said...

Will there ever be Certain times, my friend?

John M. said...


I'd wager, no. Not on this planet.

Hillbilly said...

Good morning. I'm getting the idea that he must have gone to school on Elsa Dorfman's "20-by-24" (12x36 image). Seems pretty gracious on her part! Ah, art for the wealthy.

John M. said...

I wouldn't know, nor would I be in any position to judge.

niederweningen said...

Hallo Joachim

wir gingen zusammen in die Sekundarschule in Niederweningen,
Da ich auch (aber nur hobby-mässig fotografiere) kam ich (per zufall) auf diese Seite. Vielleicht erinnerst du dich ja an mich.
Mein Name Jacopo Contin

He, deine Arbeit ist wirklich WOW!!


John M. said...


Sorry, no schprechen Swiss/German. You can contact Joachim on his website.

Nevertheless, thanks for stopping by!