Tuesday, July 8, 2008

River Street, Savannah

River Street

Chart House

images by smccard
found on Savannah Current


The Nag said...

Beautiful photos. It's been many years since I visited Savannah but I remember liking it.

John M. said...

When you're around it all the time, it's easy to forget how beautiful it is here. Every once in a while there are reminders.

alansmitheejp said...

I use to be my online name "真夜中のサバナ = midnight Savannah"
The name is Japanese movie title of "MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL".
I really like the movie! I love Kevin Spacey!! John Cusack is good actor too and Jude Law is cool!!
So, I really wanted to name it.
I don't know how beautiful...=(

John M. said...

That's very cool.

Could you spell just 'Savannah' in Japanese so I can see what it looks like?

The book is much better than the movie. Kevin Spacey was great, though.

You'd love it here.

alansmitheejp said...

Just 'Savannah' is spelling "サバナ".
As you know, people say "a book is much better than a movie"...
Probably right but for me, for now, the movie is better.
You know, my English skill is poor. Easy to understand about story from movie.
Oneday, I want to say "The book is much better than the movie" like you.

>You'd love it here.
it is? You said "love it" probably awesome!

John M. said...

Your English is getting better all the time. I always understand you.

It's a pretty place.