Thursday, July 3, 2008

Return of Simple - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger


So we figured that since this song is really only fit for computers to play, it's perfect for us to try and play on our more or less acoustic instruments!'s our attempt at bridging the technological divide.

Not the greatest quality video, but you'll get the idea... if you're familiar with the original. I thought they did a fine job.

Return of Simple


Anonymous said...

That's great! I'd like a slightly cleaner mp3. I'm gonna have to look them up.

John M. said...

I looked all over for a cleaner version of this song. No luck yet.

They did do a great job.

Anonymous said...

hey guys,

just so you know, this is the only recording we've gotten thus far of this cover.

don't worry though, give it some time and we'll have better versions floating around for you. glad to see someone is interested in it!

gary from return of simple

John M. said...

Hi Gary,

Well, you did a fantastic job!

Thanks, we'll keep an eye out.

Sorry so long in getting back, I've been on a bit of a forced hiatus.