Friday, July 11, 2008

Iran Photoshop rebuttals

I'm sure we'll be seeing loads of these in the near future. See more here and here.

It's quite likely that in Iran, there's some poor bastard that sucks at Photoshop tied up in a cell, getting beat down into paste, due to these.


John Maszka said...

Funny. We should leave Iran an honorable path of retreat. Engaging Iran in the global economy is the only approach that has merit.

Regardless of Iran's size however, we should be careful what we assume about Iran; it has some ten million men of military age.

Puor bien savoir les choses, il en faut savoir le detail, et comme il est presque infini, nos connaissances sont toujours superficielles et imparfaites.

Unfortunately, what we do know is that the Bush administration cannot be trusted to do what it says. Iraq taught us that lesson. Many experts have long been predicting that Bush would invade Iran before he leaves office. But of course, the Bush administration would never admit to such a thing.

“On ne donne rien si liberalement que ses conseils.”

But it is the man who follows his own counsel, he’s the one that should lead.

John M. said...

Hi John,

Good to hear from you.

On your first point: agreed.

I'm no expert, but doesn't it seem like brinksmanship?... or perhaps psychological operations to create just enough distress to further covert operations in Iran. In other words, attempts to destabilize... does that make any sense?

It seems like every two or three months there's a "Bush is going to invade Iran" flap in the media.

I don't trust this administration to do what it says either, but it just seems like a loser's bet to invade Iran.

I feel if there was going to be an actual attack that the spin mechanism would be in place to demonize Iran further or 'unearth' some sort of major scandal for the media to feast on while they prepare to invade. The fact that there doesn't seem to be any of this leads me down the Psy-Ops road.

I'd love to hear what you think about this.