Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Elephant Tower

I have mixed feelings about advertising, but I love good advertisements. A good ad won't provoke me to buy a product I wouldn't normally, but a bad ad will cause me to avoid one. I have noticed that when I need something outside of my usual habits, I tend to initially gravitate toward the brand that I've seen or heard an ad for. I try to do my homework, but on the fly, sometimes you have to make a quick decision and that jingle or catchphrase will ring in my head and will influence my choice. It might not be the choice to buy, but the influence is there.

This Pepsi commercial is cute and has a nice narrative flow. Give me a good story in a minute and you'll win my heart. I don't drink that much soda and I won't be buying Pepsi anytime soon, but I'll enjoy their ads.

from Lunatica Desnuda

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