Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Don Sinclair Davis, RIP

I have only just received the sad news, via Coilhouse, that veteran character actor Don S. Davis passed away Sunday morning at his home in British Columbia.

Most of you will know Davis as Major General George Hammond on the long running TV show, Stargate SG-1, but I will always remember him as Major Garland Briggs from Twin Peaks. He was by far my favorite character on that show.

In earlier episodes, Major Briggs was more of a rigid, yet wise and candid backdrop for his son Bobby, but as the series developed, he became a much deeper, almost zen-like influence, as evidenced in this clip, one of the great scenes and a somewhat unsung pivotal moment in the storyline. (This clip loses a little because it lacks the music, but the germ of it is still there.) It seemed like he was going to have a bigger impact on wherever Twin Peaks was going, as his connections with Project Blue Book came to light and his role as investigator, messenger and sacrificial victim expanded into a story arc that had the feel of shamanic initiation... but alas, we will likely never know.

Hats off to Coilhouse for unearthing this quote:

Wyndham Earl: Garland, what do you fear most… in the world?

Major Briggs (drugged with sodium pentathol): The possibility that love is not enough.


meredith said...

Salut! But heads up: I was quoting Twin Peaks from memory at 3am, and I flubbed it. Eep, sorry about that... Have since corrected the quote. Feel free to update. :)

John M. said...

Thanks for that. No worries.

I was pretty sure you got the second quote right. Well, at least Wikipedia sure.