Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dead Dolls

Dead Dolls by Ride My Pony
hat tip: Drive-By Blogging


alansmitheejp said...

Too much dark for me.
Some pic. remind me movie "saw" I mean, not so violent, I said about picture taste or direction.
Surrealistic, chaotic... he try to be showing us...?
The following 2 pictures are the kind of images, I think.

[imaging technique is surrealistic]
[It's like HDR Images. I got to know about High dynamic range imaging recently.
HDR Images give me image of surrealistic.]

Looks he found about his curious things from ruins.
Inorganic provide to cold digital world and not give us dynamism.
Sometime, I can not get sexuality from surrealistic images like his shot women. it's like a virtual reality.

John M. said...

Hi alansmithee! Welcome back.

It is creepy, but it felt real, not contrived. Others might feel differently.

Ride My Pony has some great photos. I was not too moved by the nudes.

Off topic: I must say that your English gets finer every time you comment.

Now I need to learn Japanese.

alansmitheejp said...

Hi John M.!
Yah, it's creepy but some artists love the kind of dolls like Mamoru Oshii.

You have the artist side eyes!
>Others might feel differently.
Because it's tough and everybody don't want to accept darkness.

I agree with you "Ride My Pony" has good photos;)

My English gets finer ... umm You think so? ...Is that good for me??...
But my speaking English is really poor. You might get shock. ahhh
Writing is, I can take more time. Sometime, too much thinking about it then confusing about it.
Has advantages and disadvantages.

>Now I need to learn Japanese.
Great! you can do it!

John M. said...

In the end, it doesn't matter how good your English is. However you want it to be is OK.

That's a cool trailer. Never saw that before. Thanks.

alansmitheejp said...

Thank you, John M.!

>That's a cool trailer. Never saw that before. Thanks.

It's nothing. You always give us a lots, THANK YOU TOO!

John M. said...

You're most welcome, alansmithee. The pleasure is mine.