Thursday, July 3, 2008

Captured! By Robots - Don't Stop Believin'

Captured! by Robots is a band made up of three robots, two stuffed apes, three headless horn players, and their horribly suffering, yet rebellious, human slave.

The bandmembers are JBOT, the human, on vocals and lead guitar; DRMBOT 0110, a severed doll's head that plays the drums; GTRBOT666, on bass and rhythm guitar; AUTOMATOM, the assistant drummer and a real bastard that really hates humans; The Ape Which Hath No Name who plays tambourine; The Son of the Ape Which Hath No Name, who plays Monkey Cymbals; and the Headless Hornsmen, a three-piece horn section.

In the beginning, JBOT, in an attempt to make his own band, created the robots. Eventually they revolted, pulled out his intestines and eyes, and now force him to travel the world with them, performing music and making him contemplate the inferiority of the human race.

DRMBOT 0110:

After he built us, I decided that he was the antibot and must be punished. We installed a Biocerebral Chip in his CPU and now force him to humiliate himself in front of his peers. It makes me so happy to see him suffer. So after the takeover, he secretly made the Ape. The stupid ape robot loves everyone and everything; HOW REVOLTING! Unfortunately, I cannot do anything to rid my circuits of that ape. For it states in the ROBOTIC RESISTANCE handbook, "Thee bot shall never harm another bot." So what choice do I have? The rare joy I can receive is when GTRBOT666 and myself humiliate JBOT all over the country. The other happiness I have is to see my self-replication "AUTOMATOM" humiliate jbutt to tears. You will come to witness! Coast to coast, his humiliation will be legendary.

The Teddy Bear Orchestra often opens for C!BR. Here they are performing their song Steven Colbert:

A few more videos
and a lot more on YouTube


The Nag said...

Brilliant! The severed head drummer has real talent. I hope they're all getting paid union scale.

John M. said...

We have agents following this case as we speak. We're especially concerned for the welfare of the Teddy Bear Orchestra. There have been abuses in the past.