Wednesday, July 2, 2008

20 Deadliest Plants on the Planet

Doll's Eyes (Actaea pachypoda)

Plants feed us, heal us, provide us with raw materials, aesthetic pleasure and shade. Plants are good, right? These plants... not so good.

20 Deadliest Plants on the Planet
via Dark Roasted Blend


Anonymous said...

Shit--I've got a giant dieffenbachia in my dining room--I had no idea it was "one of the deadliest plants on earth." And I bought some big pots, I was gonna divide it, transplant it . . . You may have saved my life here, John.

John M. said...


Funny enough, I pulled that from a pretty big linkdump that I almost skipped. Instead, I skimmed it and that one jumped out at me!

Funny how things work out.

I'm pretty sure I've seen that plant around here. I had no idea it was that nasty.

Glad you're still safe and sound, J.S.