Thursday, August 14, 2008

stray bullets

Military AI Could Rule the Internet Of the various possible types of AI, the "most revolutionary would be an intelligent machine that uses the Internet to train," write the authors of a military-commissioned National Research Council report on emerging cognitive neuroscience. With so much information online and constantly updated, "If a system that reasoned like a human being could be achieved, there would be no limit to augmenting its capabilities." Do you hear me? NO LIMIT!

'Sputnik' Virus Orbits, Hijacks Other Viruses A virus that takes advantage of other viruses for its own survival has been found by scientists in France.

Astronomy 2.0 The site gives users instructions on how to identify objects and then lets the community go wild. Members are given access to high-resolution photos of outer-space. Everyone is then allowed to identify the objects, and if enough members concur the classification is accepted. The format is similar to Wikipedia.

Wanderlust GOOD Magazine traces the most famous trips in history, from Magellan to the Center of the Earth to Kerouac's On the Road.

Cloud Seeding Yachts
A Camera For the Blind (via)
eBay of the day: Moog Vocoder used by Monty Python

Secret Seats on Airplanes (don't miss it if you fly) (via)
See the robot with a rat brain!
The Bite Of The Goblin Shark (freaky)
Wes Anderson and Jason Schwartzman Go Shopping (via)
Jason Bay’s unlucky RBI double (via)
Solve the mystery of the Four Seals to see the weirdest clip ever made (or you can cheat and watch in on YouTube) (ht)

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